SweatyRocks Women’s Wide Leg Pants: Mixed Reviews on Fit and Quality


The SweatyRocks Women’s Casual Wide Leg High Waisted Button Down Straight Long Trousers Pants have gained popularity with a rating of 3.5 out of 5 and over 3,150 reviews. These pants offer a comfortable fit and versatile styling options. In this review, we will explore different experiences shared by customers who have purchased and worn these pants.

One customer, who stands at 6’1, expressed their satisfaction with the length and comfortable fit of these pants. As a tall individual, finding pants that are long enough can be a challenge, but they were pleased with the SweatyRocks trousers. The loose fit and quality material added to their overall comfort. They found that the pants can be easily dressed up or down, and the addition of belt loops solved any issues with the waistband being slightly wide.

Another customer, however, was disappointed with the length of the pants. Standing at 5’8, they felt that the pants were too short and wished for an additional 2 inches or more in length. Despite fitting well in the waist and legs, the length was a letdown for them.

Furthermore, a customer had a mixed experience with these pants. They initially loved their first pair, but when they ordered a second pair, they received a completely different product. The second pair was made of poor-quality material, was see-through, and had subpar stitching. This customer expected the same quality as their first pair but was disappointed by the inconsistency. The sizing of the second pair was also off, making it difficult to button them.

Comfortable and Versatile Fit

The SweatyRocks Women’s Casual Wide Leg High Waisted Button Down Straight Long Trousers Pants are highly praised for their comfortable fit. Many reviewers have mentioned how the pants feel great to wear, thanks to the loose fit and high waist. The material used is also soft and comfortable, allowing for ease of movement. Whether you’re running errands or going out for a casual event, these pants provide a comfortable and versatile option.

Perfect Length for Tall Women

For tall women, finding pants that are long enough can be a challenge. However, the SweatyRocks pants have received positive feedback from taller individuals. One reviewer, who is 6’1″, expressed their satisfaction with the length of these pants. They mentioned that it’s rare to find pants that are both long enough and flattering, but the SweatyRocks pants ticked both boxes for them. If you’re taller and struggle with finding pants that fit well, these trousers may be worth considering.

Inconsistent Quality

While many customers have had positive experiences with the SweatyRocks pants, there have been some reports of inconsistent quality. One reviewer mentioned receiving two different pairs of pants, with noticeable differences in material thickness, stitching quality, and overall construction. They expressed disappointment in the second pair, which was flimsier and poorly made compared to the first. It’s important to note that these issues may be isolated incidents, but it’s worth being aware of potential inconsistencies in quality.

Petite-Friendly Fit

Despite being a wide-leg style, the SweatyRocks pants have garnered positive feedback from petite individuals as well. One reviewer, who is 5’1″ and relatively slim, mentioned that the XS size recommended by Amazon fit them perfectly. They appreciated how the pants hugged their waist and draped over their shoes, creating a desired silhouette. However, they did note that the fabric is quite thin, especially in lighter colors, which may be a concern for some.

Subpar Quality and Delayed Delivery

Unfortunately, not all reviewers have had positive experiences with the SweatyRocks pants. Some customers expressed disappointment in the quality, describing the fabric as cheap-looking and thin. One reviewer also mentioned exposed threads at the pleats, indicating potential durability issues. Additionally, there have been reports of delayed delivery, with some customers waiting up to 10 days to receive their order. These factors should be taken into consideration before making a purchasing decision.

Strange Sizing, but Stylish Look

The SweatyRocks pants have received mixed reviews regarding sizing. One reviewer mentioned that the recommended size from Amazon was too large for them, requiring significant alterations to the waist. They also noted that the fit in the butt and crotch area was strange, leading them to consider sizing up for their next purchase. Despite the sizing concerns, many customers still appreciate the stylish look of these pants, making them suitable for various occasions.

Bright Color Options

If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your wardrobe, the SweatyRocks pants offer some vibrant options. One reviewer specifically mentioned the bright orange color, but noted that it may be too intense for some. Additionally, the fabric of these pants is thin, which can contribute to the lightweight feel but may also affect the overall quality and durability. It’s important to consider these factors before choosing a bold color option.

Wrinkles Easily, but Overall Recommended

Some customers have mentioned that the SweatyRocks pants tend to wrinkle easily. However, this can be easily remedied by ironing them on a low setting. Despite this minor inconvenience, the pants are highly recommended for their comfortable fit, deep pockets, and functional belt loops. Many customers appreciate the spot-on fit and have expressed their satisfaction with these versatile pants.


  • Fits very comfortably. The reviewer mentioned that these pants are comfortable and have a great length, which is especially suitable for taller individuals. The loose fit and material make them super comfortable and versatile for dressing up or down.
  • Perfect fit. Another reviewer mentioned that the pants fit them perfectly, with a snug waist and secure feel. The length was also suitable, draping over their shoes just as they wanted. They were pleasantly surprised with their purchase.
  • Deep pockets and functional belt loops. The pants have deep pockets, which is convenient for carrying essential items. Additionally, they have functional belt loops, allowing for easy adjustment and solving any issues with the waistband being slightly wide.


  • Not for tall girls! One reviewer expressed disappointment with the length of the pants, stating that they were way too short for their height of 5’8″. They wished the pants were a couple of inches longer to be more suitable for taller individuals.
  • Cheap-looking and thin fabric. Another reviewer mentioned that the pants had a cheap appearance, with thin fabric and visible exposed threads at the pleats. They were also wrinkled upon arrival, and the quality did not meet their expectations.
  • Strange sizing and fit. One reviewer had issues with the sizing and fit of the pants. Despite following the size chart and buying a large, they had to get the waist taken in and planned to buy a medium in a different color. They found the fit in the butt and crotch area to be strange and wanted to avoid a tight fit in those areas.


    Overall, the SweatyRocks Women’s Casual Wide Leg High Waisted Button Down Straight Long Trousers Pants have received a mix of positive and negative reviews. While some customers found them comfortable, stylish, and well-fitting, others experienced issues with the length, material quality, and consistency between different pairs. It is important to consider personal preferences and body measurements when purchasing these pants. Despite the mixed feedback, these pants still offer potential for a comfortable and versatile wardrobe addition.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Are the pants suitable for taller individuals?

    Answer: Yes, the pants have a great length and are comfortable for taller individuals, as mentioned by one reviewer.

    Question: Do the pants have pockets and belt loops?

    Answer: Yes, the pants have deep pockets and functional belt loops, providing convenience and adjustability, as mentioned by another reviewer.

    Question: How is the fabric quality of the pants?

    Answer: Some reviewers mentioned that the fabric is thin and cheap-looking, with visible exposed threads at the pleats. However, others found the fabric soft and comfortable, though slightly see-through in certain colors.

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